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UNCDA Founding Members

Uganda Diabetes Association (webpage)
Chair: Dr. William Lumu
Secretary: Dr. Suzan Nakireka Tumwesigye, Contact

Uganda Cancer Society (webpage)
Chair: Dr. Orem Jackson
Secretary: Dr. Okello Margaret, Contact

Uganda Heart Research Foundation (webpage)
President: Mr. Auk Mike
General Secretary: Dr. Mwambu Tom, Contact


Danish NCD Alliance - An alliance between the heart, cancer and diabetes assocations of Denmark. The Danish NCD Alliance, with support from DANIDA, has established twinning projects with Uganda NCD Alliance , Kenya NCD alliance, Zanzibar NCD Alliance, Tazania NCD Alliance, Rwanda NCD Alliance and Burundi NCD Alliance.

Uganda Parliamentary Forum on NCDs - The Uganda Parliamentary Forum on NCDs is the first of its kind in the world. Their objectives include:
1. To implement the resolutions of the UN September summit in New York;
2. To create awareness of NCDs with in parliament and in the country;
3. To lobby for resources to support all functionalities of NCD bodies and agencies in the country.
The Secretary of the Forum is the The Honourable Kaabule Evelyn Naome-Mpagi, Member of Parliament (contact here)

Center for Tobacco Control in Africa - Based in Uganda, the main mandate of the CTCA is to support governments in African countries to build and sustain institutional capacity for Tobacco Control. The Centre complements the work of other entities in the region, such as the Africa Tobacco Control Regional Initiative (ATCRI) and the Africa Tobacco Control Consortium (supported by the American Cancer Society grant from the Gates Foundation).

Hospice Africa Uganda - Hospice Africa Uganda supports affordable, suitable and accessible Palliative Care to those in need in Uganda and other African countries. This will improve the quality of life among the sick and restore hope, and it will mean easy and routine access for those who need palliative care.

Yale School of Medicine - A team from Yale visited Uganda in early 2013 to meet with key stakeholders working on NCDs. In June 2013 they will host a group of key Ugandan NCD Leaders at their Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) to help explore solutions to key challenges and promote knowledge exchange.

PATH Uganda - PATH Uganda has a strong committment to NCDs and has undertaken important pilot projects evaluating the efficancy of new and affordable technologies for screening people with diabetes and cervical cancer.