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The Uganda NCD Alliance (UNCDA) was founded by the Uganda Diabetes Association, Uganda Heart-Research Foundation and the Uganda Cancer Society in 2010, in partnership with the Danish NCD Alliance with funding from the Danish International Development Agency. It was the first National NCD Alliance in Africa and is a legally registered NGO.

The Uganda NCD Alliance uses targeted advocacy and outreach to advance action on NCDs in Uganda and serve as a model for other countries to follow. We work with a wide range of partners and organizations, convene leading NCD experts, provide direct support to thousands of patients, implement technical projects, connect new partners, and ensure the government recognizes that NCDs are a national development priority requiring an urgent response. Read about our key achievements and results to date here.

To empower and inspire People Living With NCDs, Health Care Workers, and Public to Join Together in the Fight Against NCDs

Ms. Constance Kekihembo, CEO, Contact

Dr Tom Mwambu (Chairman)
Dr. Dr. Lumu William
Mr. Auk Mike
Mr. Ikara Ben (Vice-Chair)
Dr. Fred Okuku
Dr Susan Nakireka Tumwesigye
Ms. Rebecca Kaziri Mayengo
Ms. Nakisige Monica
Mr.Omach Pascal Oucha

UNCDA Committee Chairs
Recruitment Committee Chair: Dr. Margaret Okello, Contact
Patient Support Committee Chair: Ms. Speciosa Kabwegyere, Contact
Lobby Committee Chair: Mr. Auk Mike, Contact

UNCDA Members - Key Contacts
Uganda Diabetes Association Secretary: Mr. Mashatte Kisolo Aziz, Contact
Uganda Cancer Society Secretary: Dr. Okello Margaret, Contact
Uganda Heart Research Foundation General Secretary: Dr. Mwambu Tom, Contact

Our key achievements to date:

Launch of UNCDA Patient Centre: Our New Centre provides a full range of services to People LIving With NCDs, incuding screening, counselling, follow up support, education, and advocacy training.

Training Health Professionals: The UNCDA recently held an NCDs training workshop for Village Health Workers around Kampala to give them basical skills in education and screening. This is an innovative approach to training health workers that are closest to the ground and often the first link of support in the health system.

Membership recruitment: Nearly 2000 patients have been recruited by UNCDA members which has brought them into a strong support network that provides counselling, free treatment and other critical services.

Patient support & education: The patient support team established has so far reached over 2000 patients, providing them with counseling services. The  “Patient Solidarity” program has been formed which has brought together patients across all the diseases. This patient counseling team has been equiped with necessary skills through workshop training and interactive discussion. About 600 patients with different NCDs have been able to benefit from this initiative.

Advocacy and Lobbying: A workshop on lobbying was organized that led to the establishment of the UNCDA lobbying committee. This played a key role in mobilizing the support of parliament and resulted in Africa's first Parliamentary Forum on NCDs (NCDPF) being established and launched in June 2012.  The UNCDA and the NCD Parliamentary Forum are now partnering in a common effort to convince the government about the need to allocate sufficient money on the national budget.

NCD Data Collection / Regional NCD Survey on Kasese: The first population survey on NCDs in Uganda using internationally standardized protocols to report the prevalence of risk factors was done in the Kasese district by the UNCDA (results available here). It has been a milestone in the documentation of the NCD burden and an invaluable tool for  lobbying and advocacy to make the government prioritize this area.